The ROGUE Project

ROGUE I catalog description

The Radio sources associated with Optical Galaxies and having Unresolved or Extended morphologies (ROGUE) I catalog presents a sample of radio sources with spectroscopically identified host galaxies and a radio core identifications. It is the largest handmade catalog of this kind, obtained by cross-matching galaxies from the SDSS DR7 and radio sources from both the FIRST survey and the NVSS survey without imposing any additional limit to the radio fluxes. The catalog provides a visual classification of radio and optical morphologies of galaxies presenting a FIRST core identification within 3 arcsec of the optical position. The radio morphological classification is performed by examining the radio-optical overlays of linear sizes equal to 1 Mpc at the source distance, while the 120 arcsec image snapshots from the SDSS database are used for optical classification. The results of our blind search are: (i) the majority of radio sources have unresolved morphologies (90 per cent) and 8 per cent exhibit extended morphologies, (ii) samples of 269, 730, and 115 Fanaroff-Riley (FR) type I, II, and hybrid galaxies, respectively, are presented (iii) we report 55 newly discovered giant/possible giant, 16 double-double, 9 X-shaped, and 25 Z-shaped radio sources, (iv) on the optical front, most galaxies have elliptical morphologies (62 per cent) while spirals form the second major category (17 per cent) followed by distorted (12 per cent) and lenticular (7 per cent) morphologies, (v) division between the FR I and the FR II sources in the radio-optical luminosity plane is blurred, in tune with recent studies. This catalog is made to serve as a bench mark for the AGN community in the wake of large upcoming radio surveys.

  • ROGUE I catalog [link].

  • The optical images (SDSS) and radio contour images (FIRST and NVSS over DSS) examined in the ROGUE I catalog are given in sets of three pdf files. Each page contains three images: FIRST contours overlaid on the DSS image (top left corner), NVSS contours overlaid on the DSS image (top right corner) and the SDSS optical image (bottom).
    1. ROGUE I galaxies with catalog ids 1--10,000 are here [link1].
    2. ROGUE I galaxies with catalog ids 10,001--20,000 are here [link2].
    3. ROGUE I galaxies with catalog ids 20,001--32,616 are here [link3].