The ROGUE Project


Refereed Journals

  • Identifying radio active galactic nuclei among radio-emitting galaxies.

    Dorota Koziel-Wierzbowska, Natalia Vale Asari, Grazyna Stasinska, Fabio R. Herpich, Marek Sikora, Natalia Zywucka, Arti Goyal, 2021, ApJ, 910, 64 [arXiv:2012.00367]
  • Radio sources associated with Optical Galaxies and having Unresolved or Extended morphologies (ROGUE) I A catalog of SDSS galaxies with FIRST core identifications.

    Dorota Koziel-Wierzbowska, Arti Goyal, Natalia Zywucka, 2020, ApJS, 247, 43 [arXiv:1912.09959]

Conference Proceedings

  • Catalogue with visual morphological classification of 32,616 radio galaxies with optical hosts.

    Natalia Zywucka, Dorota Koziel-Wierzbowska, Arti Goyal [arXiv:2003.10322]


  • The 3C Extragalactic Radio Sky: Legacy of the Third cambridge Catalogue, 16-20 September 2019, Torino-Italy [Talk]
  • A Centenary of Astrophysical Jets: Observation, Theory, and Future Prospects, 23-26 July 2019, Jodrell Bank Observatory, UK [Poster]